To DIY or Not To DIY, that is the Question

The Do-It-Yourself movement is more alive and approachable than ever before. Pinterest, YouTube, and the internet as a whole have provided an abundance of resources for the at-home craftsperson. Home improvement even has an entire television network dedicated to the practice. There is significant satisfaction and enjoyment to be gained by completed a home improvement task without the involvement of a professional. There is also significant value and cost savings. DIY projects can be as simple as painting an accent wall to as complicated as full-scale renovations. No matter big or small, there are also some risks to DIY that should be considered. We will take a look at what to think about when considering a DIY home renovation.

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Between Two SQUARES – with ARS Mitigations
16' SQUARE delivered for a restoration job inside a town home community in Marietta, GA. The unit was placed in a single parking space in front of the client's door.

Both ARS and STORsquare position themselves in crowded markets and compete not solely on price, but on how they work with their clients during a stressful time. While a home move is typically nowhere near as stressful as a fire or water loss, our clients are both going through changes that impact their daily lives. Our company cultures overlap in the following ways:

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Portable Storage Containers: The Best Solution For Renovation Storage
Renovation storage solutions | Storsquare

Stress-Free Storage During Renovation On average, 90 percent of American homeowners plan on remodeling their home. Unfortunately, the length of time it can take to complete a remodel or renovation on your house ranges from a few months to over a year. Considering your renovation storage plan before construction begins can help you save time, […]

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6 Ways to Depersonalize: A Home Stager’s Guide To Sell Your House for More
how to stage a house

Guest Blog with Cheri Drake of Sisters Staging Home staging is a way to prepare your house for market. It’s opposite of what an interior designer does for a home. Instead of personalization, staging requires depersonalization. Your goal is to make the house appeal to the most buyers possible. In order to effectively sell a […]

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6 Tips to Prep for Moving and Storage
Six Tips Prep When Using Storage Containers

We are once again in a sellers’ market. Real estate prices are on the rise, as more people are ready to purchase homes. If you’ve considered selling your home, now might be the perfect time. If you are ready to list your home, it might help to declutter to improve your listing. A SQUARE can […]

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