Step Up and Move – DIY Relocation with a Portable Storage Container
Step into a container

STORsquare’s portable storage units are placed directly on the ground using either rubber feet or wooden blocks to prevent any scratching of the client’s driveway. This means our containers are a single step up into the unit while loading and unloading. Moving trucks, personal vehicles, trailers, etc. vary in deck height, but may be 20-35 inches high.

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6 Ways to Depersonalize: A Home Stager’s Guide To Sell Your House for More
how to stage a house

Guest Blog with Cheri Drake of Sisters Staging Home staging is a way to prepare your house for market. It’s opposite of what an interior designer does for a home. Instead of personalization, staging requires depersonalization. Your goal is to make the house appeal to the most buyers possible. In order to effectively sell a […]

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