Find the Perfect Budget Balance

When it comes to portable storage container rentals, finding the right size commercial storage unit can be daunting. You don’t want to overpay for too much space, but you don’t want to run out of space either. Never fear! Storsquare has some tips for finding that perfect balance so you can save company dollars and come in on-budget.

Think about what you plan to store

The purpose of your storage needs makes a huge difference. Are you a small business looking to store business records and important documents, or are you a national construction company looking to transport heavy equipment, tools and building materials?

The first step is to take inventory. Measure items and note the dimensions of the larger items. Think about what items can be stacked, and what can’t.  

Determine how much access will you need

Are you going to need to access items that you are putting into the storage container? Does your storage container need to be on-site? These answers will determine what type of container you use and how you load the commercial storage unit.

If you need your commercial storage unit to be on-site, consider looking into a portable storage container rental. Our steel framed storage containers are perfectly safe for construction sites and various commercial jobs.

These units allow for easy access to job site materials and allow you to stay organized. Storsquare is also able to relocate full portable storage container rentals, unlike our competitors who are unable to relocate full commercial storage units.

If you don’t need to access any of your items until you unpack everything all at once, you can load the storage unit to the max, even utilizing vertical space.

If you need to access everything like at a construction site, you may want to think about how to most efficiently load the unit.

If you only need to access a few of the items throughout the transition, you should load those items last into the unit. So, when you open it up to grab the tools you need, you can just grab them and go without having to unload or stumble over heavy equipment.

And don’t worry – Storsquare’s no-tilt technology makes sure your belongings and materials stay secure. So even if you don’t pack it to the brim your items will stay in good condition.

Weigh the pros and cons of going a size up

If you’re still riding that line of too much or too little storage, consider weighing the pros and cons of going a size up. The additional cost might be worth the peace of mind.

Storsquare will also work with you to develop a custom package for your business that fits your project needs.

Review our size guide

Storsquare’s handy size guide provides visuals and dimensions of how much can fit into each portable storage container rental. Storsquare has the largest variety of portable container options in the market, so you are sure to fit any project need and budget.

Still not sure which size is the best for you? We are happy to help!

Learn more about custom commercial storage solutions offered by Storsquare here. Contact us for a free quote today.