storsquare storage container
STORsquare is committed to keeping our Climate Controlled Warehouse between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit…

True climate controlled warehouses are difficult to find in Atlanta. With the range of temperatures we’ve experienced recently in Georgia, it’s easy to see how sensitive items could become damaged from freezing and thawing by warping, weakening, splitting or cracking due to sharp temperature changes. Georgia’s record high temperature was 112°F on 8/20/1983 with the lowest record temperature being -17°F 1/27/ on 1940. With these sort of fluctuations possible, we feel the best choice is to keep your treasured valuables in our climate controlled warehouse!

With temperature changes come humidity fluctuation. We suggest your SQUARE be kept in our Climate Controlled Warehouse if you are storing the following items: leather furniture, antique woods, musical instruments, important documents, photos, electronics such as TVs or sound systems and kitchen equipment, wax art pieces, and clothing. Climate controlled spaces feature effective air conditioning and heating systems that keep room temperature at consistent, moderate and safe levels, similar to your home.

Because our climate controlled area of the STORsquare warehouse is separate from the main warehouse, there is extra protection from flooding and water exposure as well as minimal dust or dirt in the storage area. To keep valuables safe and protected, considering storing your SQUARE in our Climate Controlled Warehouse for only a few dollars more per month.

Contact STORsquare today at 1-844-888-STOR to learn more and get a free estimate.

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