The Solution For All Your Climate Controlled Storage Needs

STORsquare lets you choose whether your possessions are stored in our standard warehouse or in the climate controlled storage section of the warehouse.

  • It is not determined by zip code.
  • It does not vary from location to location.
  • We do not hide behind confusing wording about “temperature-normative air-cooled storage areas.”

With temperature changes come humidity fluctuation, so we suggest your SQUARE be kept in our Climate Controlled Warehouse if you are storing the following items: leather furniture, antique woods, musical instruments, important documents, photos, electronics such as TVs or sound systems and kitchen equipment, wax art pieces, and clothing.

Climate controlled spaces feature effective air conditioning and heating systems that keep room temperature at consistent, moderate and safe levels, similar to your home.

Since our climate controlled area of the STORsquare warehouse is separate from the main warehouse, there is extra protection from flooding and water exposure as well as minimal dust or dirt in the storage area.

To keep valuables safe and protected, considering storing your SQUARE in our Climate Controlled Warehouse for only a few dollars more per month.

Protect your possessions from:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Mildew
  • Pollen, pests, bugs and other forces of Mother Nature*

*All STORsquare containers are stored inside while at our locations