Rent a container for moving to or from Marietta, Georgia. Forget loading a big box truck that you have to drive down Cobb Parkway. After rental and gas fees, a portable home moving container is actually a more affordable option, not to mention way more convenient.

STORsquare portable storage units for residential moving and storage

Located In Cobb County

STORsquare has the best portable storage options in Cobb County with four sizes of storage rental containers.

Fill Anytime Anywhere

You could move all your stuff in and out of a self storage unit, or you could rent a container that you fill only one time, and then STORsquare can move it wherever you want to go.

ideas for storage

You can use a STORsquare container as a portable storage shed or think of it as a home moving container that can keep your items secure while you transition between houses.

STORsquare storage containers

Our outdoor storage units can sit right in your driveway for ease of use, or choose to fill it like a storage unit and leave it our warehouse, located locally in Marietta. We are a local business, based out of Marietta, Georgia, and we can’t wait to help our neighbors with moving and storage needs.