About STORsquare

STORsquare: Locally owned portable storage container company

We offer a superior mobile storage solution for residential, commercial and everything in between.  Our movable storage units are attractive, strong and functional. We also offer clear and consistent pricing, along with excellent customer service.

STORsquare aims to provide its customers with hassle-free booking, scheduling and delivery for quality storage containers that can be stored at your site or in our secure facility. All for a simple and fair price.

Moving and Storage

We provide portable storage containers for the purposes of moving and storage. STORsquare’s true No-Tilt technology, high quality container and warehouse storage makes it the ONLY one of its kind.  In addition, STORsquare offers concise and consistent pricing with no hidden gimmicks or constantly changing “deals”. We simply offer a superior product at a fair price. And because customer experience is such a high priority at STORsquare, you can expect the same high quality service every time. Our customers deserve the best, so they get the best products, services, and pricing from us.

STORsquare provides the highest quality storage container.  STORsquare’s goal is to have the best looking and nicest containers available on the market, so that our customers feel confident about storing their belongings in a safe and convenient way… without looking like you have a dumpster in your driveway!

With STORsquare you are guaranteed a great experience for a fair and SQUARE deal.