Additional Moving Supplies

STORsquare has all the add on items that will help make your move easy – because let’s face it, moving can be challenging enough without some additional help! And these items are priced so that they don’t impact your wallet.

If you need any of these items for your portable storage rental just ask us about adding them to the order. STORsquare will load the container with the additional items requested so that they are available upon delivery of the unit. To have any of these items added for your move call us today at 1-844-888-STOR.

Blankets and Locks

Moving Blanket
Rent for $4 a month

Blue quilted, heavy duty blanket for furniture protection.

Disc Lock
Buy for $15

Security minded – covers shackle to reduce possibility of lock getting cut out.


Hand Truck
Rent for $10 a month

Built with oversized wheels for easy loading unloading of container.

Appliance Dolly
Rent for $15 a month

A sturdy hand truck with strapping and stair climbers designed for moving large items and appliances.

Durable, Light-weight Ramps

Large Ramp
Rent for $20 a month

Large enough for pallet jack.

Small Ramp
Rent for $15 a month

Smaller footprint, just the right size for a dolly.

Furniture Accessories

Ratchet Straps
Buy for $20

Secure your large furniture and other content inside your container.

Mattress Bag
Buy for $10

The universal bag fits king and queen beds. Help protect your mattress from dust, dirt, water, and moving damage.