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Moving is not always easy. But STORsquare is here to make your move easier and less stressful.From our no-tilt lift that keeps your belongings secure, to not having to load and drive a large moving truck yourself, our approach is focused on making moving and storage easy. We get questions about what makes the STORsquare experience different. Read more below to find answers to our frequently asked questions.

How much fits into one of your 8’, 12’, 16’ or 20’ containers?

While it all comes down to how well-packed your container is, the amount of household items that typically fit in a container are:
• One apartment in an 8’ container
• 2 rooms in a 12’ container
• 3-4 rooms in a 16’ container
• 4-5 rooms in a 20’ container

Each container is 8’ wide and 8′ tall, with only the length being different.

Where does STORsquare move to?

We serve all of the greater metro Atlanta area and north Georgia. The following cities are some of our most common delivery destinations:
• Marietta
• Sandy Springs
• Roswell
• Woodstock
• Acworth
• Kennesaw
• Canton
• Alpharetta
• Smyrna

While we don’t offer long distance moves, if you are moving from a different state, you can bring your belongings to your new location and unload into a STORsquare if your house isn’t ready. You can also pack up your household belongings into a STORsquare if you’re moving away and need a place to store them.

What’s the cost to rent a STORsquare container?

Cost ranges from $139 to $319 per month, depending on your container size, where you live, where your container will sit and your timeline. We can also get you the best deals on blankets boxes, tape, shrink wrap, dollies and other supplies to make your move as easy and cost-effective as possible.

Our price is 20-25% lower than competitors like PODS® and 25-30% less money than a full-service relocation company. Our pricing is upfront with zero surprises.

What can I NOT store in my container?

While your contract will list all the details, the main things we prohibit include:
• Flammable or combustible items
• Lawn mowers and motorbikes
• Living things (plants or animals)
• Food
• Irreplaceable personal items

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, all container sizes have the same weight limit of 6,000 lbs. It’s usually easy to stay within the containers weight limit when you’re packing household items. We recommend not packing gun safes, loaded toolboxes and limiting boxes of books.

Will rain or heat damage my STORsquare?

The heat, cold or rain has never hurt a STORsquare or caused it to leak. Our containers are built using high-grade steel and are durable and safe. Unlike some of our competitors, our containers were made to be outdoors.

How do I access my STORsquare when it’s stored at your location?

Access is easy. Just schedule a visit during normal business hours and we’ll have your container ready when you get here. We do ask that you give us a 24 hour heads up.

How big of an area do you need to deliver my STORsquare?

We need at least an extra foot on either side of the container in order to deliver the unit. We also need a clear height of 12ft. which means we can not place a SQUARE underneath most garages or carports.

How do I lock my STORsquare?

A disc lock is ideal, but a normal padlock will do the trick. Customers are responsible for locking their STORSquare. We offer disc locks for purchase.

How is rent calculated?

You pay once for a 30-day increment to keep your STORsquare. If you need your container for another 30 days, you pay again. Rent is not prorated and you can continue paying rent as long as you need.

What about insurance for my belongings?

STORSquare doesn’t provide any insurance for your items. However, many homeowners’ or renters’ insurance cover stored belongings, so check with your insurance company to see what coverage they offer.

Who is responsible for staying compliant with HOA and city rules?

The customer is responsible for understanding their HOA and city rules. Please notify us of any regulations about unit placement prior to delivery of your SQUARE.

Where will you park my STORsquare container?

We like to say, “If it fits, it sits.” If the delivery driver can not safely and effectively place the STORsquare where you request, we will work with you to come up with a convenient and feasible plan B for the placement of the container. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure the placement is compliant with your HOA, city, or other local ordinances.

Will you help me pack or unpack my STORsquare?

While we don’t provide loading or unloading services, we can provide a list of local companies that do.

How long can I keep my STORsquare container?

However long you need. If your new home isn’t ready on time or you just want more time to unpack, you can keep renting your STORsquare in 30-day increments until you’re ready for it to be picked up.

More questions? Contact us and we will call or email back within 24 hours.

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Roy Dixon
Roy Dixon
Outstanding Job
Lianne H
Lianne H
I am so glad that we chose STORsquare for our move. Service was excellent! Adam was always available to answer questions, and they were flexible when coordinating dates for delivery, move to storage location, drop-off at new place, AND pick-up. Chris, the driver, was careful with the container during transportation. All our stuff arrived safely to our new place. Definitely recommend!
Brigitte Mabry
Brigitte Mabry
My experience with STORsquare was phenomenal from beginning to end. I researched several companies and found that they had the largest units for the best price. The customer service was outstanding. My representative explained the everything to me and followed up throughout the process. I highly recommend STORsquare Atlanta.
Ned Hastings
Ned Hastings
They delivered right when they said they would and picked up right on schedule, too. Great experience!
Randy Fessler
Randy Fessler
Excellent Service. And second to none customer service. This team helped every step of my move and made it stress free. Thank you!
Frank Sullivan
Frank Sullivan
I have used STORsquare many times both for my business and when I moved my family. Their response time, courtesy, timeliness and cost are all exceptional.
Everything was very easy. The delivery was timely and efficient. I asked to have it at a certain spot and Chris happily obliged. I am very happy with the unit and where it was placed.
Angela Stephens
Angela Stephens
It was a pleasure renting from Storsquare. Prompted in responding to my questions, and was so simple setting up delivery and pickup dates for the pod. Price was perfect for my pocket and so convenient to have the additional storage on property.