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Central Florida moving containers

Use our mobile storage and moving containers for local moving as a cheaper alternative to a moving truck.
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Onsite portable storage pods

Rent a storage container as a temporary solution for your home or business in the Central Florida area.

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Off-site movable storage

Store your portable container off-site at our location located in a suburb of Lakeland, Florida.

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Central Florida business mobile storage

Choose from one of our weather proof, steel-framed mobile containers to fit your project budget.

Mobile Storage Containers 
for Residential Moving in Central Florida

Moving in Central Florida? STORSquare offers convenient Storage Containers to ease the process. Our portable containers, available for monthly rental, simplify loading and unloading without the need to rush. With our No-Tilt lift technology, your belongings stay secure during transit. We handle the driving, allowing you to focus on settling into your new area while we navigate Central Florida’s traffic. Trust STORSquare to streamline your move and take care of the logistics.

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Why Choose STORsquare, Central Florida?

Whether you’re gearing up for a local move in the Knoxville area, or looking to store items long-term, STORsquare’s portable storage containers are the perfect solution for you. And they come in multiple sizes for your move.

Call your local Central Florida representative to find out more at 863-624-3763.

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Each local delivery and pick up has a $95 trip charge
Moving long distance? A team member will quote your move.

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Onsite & Off-Site
Portable Storage Containers in Central Florida.

STORsquare offers flexibility for storing your belongings in Central Florida, whether on-site or off-site. Opt to keep your portable container off-site at our Lakeland location, or choose a short-term solution by renting a storage container for your house or business. In the Lakeland area, STORsquare provides the broadest range of portable container sizes, with our 20-foot container being 25% larger than 1-800Packrat’s largest option. With a diverse selection, we cater to all your storage requirements, making renting a portable storage container easy and affordable.

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Portable Storage for Antique or Sensitive Items

Ensure the safety of your leather furniture, antique wood, vital documents, and electronics with our top-notch portable storage solutions. Our high-grade steel containers are both durable and secure, designed to withstand outdoor conditions. Unlike competitors, our containers are built to thrive in outdoor environments, providing reliable protection for your most sensitive possessions. Trust STORsquare to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Portable storage containers in Central Florida

Planning a move to Central Florida? STORsquare offers more than just affordable storage solutions. Elevate your packing experience with our comprehensive services—boxes, tape, dollies, and blankets conveniently delivered with your SQUARE. We prioritize your convenience by tailoring delivery and pick-up days and times to suit your schedule. Minimize the hassles of storing and moving by choosing STORsquare. Begin with a free quote and finalize your booking with our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agent. Simplify your relocation with our hassle-free services.

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Schools in Central Florida.

The school system in Central Florida enjoys a generally positive reputation, marked by a commitment to academic excellence and a diverse array of educational opportunities. The region is home to well-regarded public and private schools, with many institutions emphasizing innovative teaching methods and fostering a supportive learning environment. Central Florida’s schools often benefit from community engagement and collaboration, contributing to a strong sense of pride and involvement.

More About Central Florida.

Central Florida, nestled in the heart of the Sunshine State, is the theme park capital of the world. It captivates visitors with the magic of Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and other iconic attractions. Beyond the whimsical allure of theme parks, the region boasts lush citrus groves, pristine lakes, and sprawling conservation areas.

Weather In Central Florida

Central Florida has a subtropical climate with warm, sunny days year-round. Summers are hot with afternoon storms, winters are mild and dry. occasional hurricanes in the June-November season. Popular for its inviting weather.

Employment in Central Florida

Central Florida’s job market is dynamic, driven by key sectors like tourism, healthcare, technology, and aviation. With major theme parks and a growing economy, particularly in Orlando, employment opportunities abound. The region’s diverse job landscape, including established corporations and a thriving entrepreneurial scene, makes Central Florida an appealing destination for those seeking varied and promising career paths.