Mobile Storage Unit Sizes

Moving and Storage Container Sizes

Moving can feel like a hassle. We give you the space and control you need for moving and storage, with the largest variety of storage container dimensions, so you can find the right fit.

Our portable moving containers are made from steel on all sides – other company’s moving pods are not. So you can get a sturdy container in four sizes: 8′, 12′, 16′ or 20′.

Why STORSquare for Moving and Storage?

STORSquare has more moving and storage container choices—with containers in four unique sizes, stress-free hauling, and secure storage at our local warehouse.

If you’re preparing for a move in the Atlanta or Knoxville area, we are ready to help.

Choose From Four Sizes


Ideal for



Ideal for

2 Rooms


Ideal for

3-4 Rooms


Ideal for

4-5 Rooms

the 8′ square

portable storage containers atlanta ga

the 12′ square

pod rental atlanta

the 16′ square

portable storage atlanta

the 20′ square

Concierge Service

We’re local, so you get help faster and talk to the same responsive team member throughout your moving and storage process.


Get a container delivered on your schedule, store it wherever it fits best, and keep it as long as you need—with no minimum or maximum requirements.

We Drive

Unlike some moving companies, we handle the hauling for you.


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Move, Store and More—On Your Terms

When you work with STORsquare, you can choose to move, store, or do both. Whichever option, you get to choose from the largest variety of moving containers and storage containers.

And, you control how and where to store your belongings—as a temporary solution to keep at your home or business or stored locally at our secure location.

Choose Storage Containers Built for Security and Convenience


Request a container lock and only you have access to the key. Our storage containers are also made from all-steel parts, so belongings stay safe.

No-Tilt Lift

Containers stay level during delivery, storage and pickup, so everything is secure during your move.

Unique Latch System

Our barn-style door makes it easy to fill your container and helps keep out unwanted moisture, pests and thieves.

Take as long as you need to fill up your SQUARE.