STORsquare and COVID-19

By now you have likely received hundreds of messages like this one with a list of precautionary steps that each company is taking to protect it employees, clients, and community. I apologize for the repetitive nature of this message, but it is important to state that STORsquare is also taking measures with public safety in mind.

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4 Reasons to Use Jobsite Storage Container Rentals on Your Next Project
commercial storage units | Storsquare

Did you know that only 31% of projects in the construction industry come within 10% of the original budget? Avoid extra project expenses and unsatisfied clients by using commercial storage units from Storsquare on your next job site. Commercial storage needs differ greatly from residential storage needs, which is why Storsquare offers a variety of commercial […]

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Portable Storage Containers: The Best Solution For Renovation Storage
Renovation storage solutions | Storsquare

Stress-Free Storage During Renovation On average, 90 percent of American homeowners plan on remodeling their home. Unfortunately, the length of time it can take to complete a remodel or renovation on your house ranges from a few months to over a year. Considering your renovation storage plan before construction begins can help you save time, […]

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How to Pack up a House for an Easy Move
How to Pack Up a House for an Easy Move | Storsquare

Did you know that most Americans are estimated to move an average of 11.4 times in their life? Whether you’re moving across town to be closer to work or to move into your dream home, here are some helpful hints on how to pack up a house to make your next move go smoothly. Get […]

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The Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

Protect your Valuables Use a Portable Storage Unit in Our Climate-Controlled Warehouse Did you know that 64% of Americans plan to pass down personal keepsakes and family heirlooms such as photos, videos and other items to their children? If you’re one of the 64%, educate yourself on the proper way to store your possessions and […]

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6 Moving Tips to Avoid a Nightmare
Moving Nightmare

Moving is probably scarier and more stressful than any Halloween horror movie out there. Who couldn’t use some helpful moving tips?  When you need portable storage containers, you should always use STORsquare to avoid living out your own horror story move. Here are six ways STORsquare can help you avoid a moving nightmare:  1. Pick the […]

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6 Ways to Depersonalize: A Home Stager’s Guide To Sell Your House for More
how to stage a house

Guest Blog with Cheri Drake of Sisters Staging Home staging is a way to prepare your house for market. It’s opposite of what an interior designer does for a home. Instead of personalization, staging requires depersonalization. Your goal is to make the house appeal to the most buyers possible. In order to effectively sell a […]

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