Remodeling can be one of the greatest investments a home-owner can make. It can also become extremely expensive, inconvenient, and stressful.

There are two key steps to having a smooth improvement project:

    1. Plan the Project         A well-developed plan with scope, budget, and a timeline are crucial to having a good experience with a remodeling project. Projects that go on for two years and cost your child’s college fund are highly stressful. A half-done project can hurt your ability to sell or get full resale value for your home.
    2. Call STORsquare     1-844-888-STOR    Calling STORsquare is the second step to a stress-free remodeling project. Many people overlook the importance of properly and securely storing their possessions during a home improvement project. Furniture, paintings, lamps, keepsakes, etc. can quickly become damaged, lost, or in the way during a project. Paint, dry-wall dust, or clumsy plumbers can all destroy as fast as they can create. Storing items in the garage can be inconvenient or even impossible during extreme heat spells of summer. By storing your items in a STORsquare portable storage container, you can protect your possessions while still living in the rest of your house.

STORsquare is here to help. Learn more about our SQUARE sizes.

  • Small project? Our 8 ft and 12 ft SQUAREs are perfect for storing items from 1-2 rooms.
  • Big project? Our 16 ft or 20ft SQUAREs can store 3-5 rooms comfortably.
  • Keep your storage container on site to easily pull items in and out OR return it to our warehouse for climate controlled storage that does not take up driveway or yard space. Learn more about How it Works.

Improving your living space is a great idea in many scenarios, so plan ahead for your project and consider the impact your project will have on your household items. Let us know how we can help make this process hassle-free.

PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES FROM: (Note all SQUARES  are stored indoor, but climate control offers extra protection)