Moving is probably scarier and more stressful than any Halloween horror movie out there. Who couldn’t use some helpful moving tips?  When you need portable storage containers, you should always use STORsquare to avoid living out your own horror story move. Here are six ways STORsquare can help you avoid a moving nightmare:

 1. Pick the right storage company. This time of year is especially important for picking the right company to help get you through your moving and storing needs.

According to a census report, when it comes to relocation throughout the U.S., “about 60 percent are in June through October. After October moving rates decline significantly.”

People want to get moved before the weather gets too cold, so October is certainly a popular month.

2. Determine where to move your belongings. Moving requires taking all your belongings with you, or into a secure storage location. That’s where the nightmares often begin. Sales fall through the cracks. Closings don’t go as planned. Whether it’s down the street, or across the world, moving is a lot of dreaded and stressful work. Especially when unpredictable things happen.

STORsquare offers flexible storage options that can help save the day when the unexpected occurs. We have multiple container sizes and can work with you to store your SQUARE at your old house, new house, our warehouse, or really anywhere you want to put it. You can also use multiple containers depending on your needs.

It can be an absolute terror getting everything from one place to another, and especially to keep all your valuables in good condition.

3. Protect your valuables. One of the most common horrors that can happen with storing and moving is the shattering of precious valuables—we hear about this all the time with our competitors.

Sometimes, just labeling the boxes won’t save your fragile items. This is why we use our true No-Tilt Lift system: a better delivery system we use in order to prevent damage during the loading process.

Therefore, when you’re ready to have your SQUARE stored in our climate-controlled facilities, we can pick it up and deliver it for you safely. Your things won’t shift or break.

4. Save time and money. Another common moving horror story is that the cost and amount of time ends up much higher than expected. Moving very often takes longer and is more expensive than originally planned for.

We can’t guarantee your new place is ready in time, but we can make sure our part is played exactly as promised!

STORsquare tells our customers upfront how much we charge, so there are never any surprises.

We also value our customers’ time. We know how busy you are, so we have flexible scheduling for your convenience.

5. Brace yourself for the biggest scare of them all: infestations! Some of the most gruesome moving stories are when the new home or the boxes of belongings are infested with bugs.

Although we can’t make your new place perfect, we can make sure your stored things stay that way.

Our climate-controlled warehouse will prevent things like pests, mildew, and any other things Mother Nature can cause.

6. Find more storage space. Renting portable storage units is becoming the preferred method of moving, but not all storage container companies are created equal. Choosing the right portable storage container provider can mean the difference between a horror story move and a fairy tale ending.

STORsquare makes things less stressful for our customers, so that their storing and moving experience can be that much better.

It’s that time of year when leaves fall from the trees and people flock to corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and haunted houses. The weather is gradually colder and people take shelter indoors more, watching horror movies and staying warm.

Halloween alludes to supernatural happenings and all things eerie, but there’s nothing more terrifying than…


Moving is scary, but you can conquer your fears by choosing STORsquare. https://storsquare.com/book-now