Guest Blog with Cheri Drake of Sisters Staging

Home staging is a way to prepare your house for market. It’s opposite of what an interior designer does for a home. Instead of personalization, staging requires depersonalization.

Your goal is to make the house appeal to the most buyers possible. In order to effectively sell a home, it’s important to see the house as a product that can make you money. You don’t want people to wonder how old your arm chair is or think about how many clothes you have in your closet. Instead, you want buyers to imagine themselves living in the home. You want them to see the house as their dream home.

People don’t often realize how emotional it can be to sell a house. There are often memories in every corner, especially if you raised a family there.

A home stager comes in and helps you set up the house to sell. People that stage usually sell their house more quickly and for more money.

Here are 6 ways to depersonalize your home and ultimately increase your house’s price tag:

  1. Clean, clean, clean. It’s time to deep clean your house. Clean and then clean some more. Hire a professional cleaner to help if needed. If there are stains on the countertops or dirty carpet, buyers are out of there.
  2. Declutter. One of the biggest things buyers are looking for is space. If your closet is packed with clothes, they can’t see the space. They can’t imagine their own clothes in the closet. It is okay to leave a few family photos up if your looking for a buyer who has family, but you need to box and store a lot of you knick knacks and belongings.
  3. Put your stuff in storage. A portable storage container is your best friend. You can keep all your precious furniture and belongings nearby, while clearing your house to appeal to more buyers. If you are moving locally, STORsquare can even move the container to your new house. This makes the process simple and less stressful.
  4. Sell unwanted items. My clients are finding a lot of success selling their items on apps like Let Go and Facebook Market. These apps are becoming increasing popular over Craigslist.
  5. Neutralize. Paint your walls a neutral color that is on trend. A popular color right now that a lot of builders are using in model homes and new construction is called appropriately, agreeable gray. Another color trend that is popular on Pinterest right now is greige.
  6. Let go. This is hard for a lot of people. There are often a lot of emotions connected with your living space, but letting go is the best way to get a higher return on investment.

If you are ready to stage your house to sell for more, click to get a free quote on a STORsquare portable storage SQUARE. If you want to learn more about Sisters Staging, visit their website at sisterstaging.com.