If you’re considering “Retirement Downsizing”, you’re living in one of the most exciting times of your life!

Retirement, oh, retirement. The high life. There will be no more alarms to kick start you awake in the morning. No more wasting time stuck in rush-hour traffic. And what about those tense meetings? They are someone else’s issue. Instead, you’ll have plenty of time to travel, visit family, pursue hobbies, volunteer for your favorite causes, or simply kick back and relax. 

We all know that bringing this vision to life requires some advance planning. And, if you’re like most people, “Retierment Downsizing” is part of the master plan. If you’re considering retirment downsizing, you’re living in one of the most exciting times of your life!


What Exactly is a "Retirement Downsizing"?

Downsizing for retirement involves organizing your current home, donating unwanted items, putting your house up for sale and moving to a new location. Some people hire experts to help, while others rely on friends and family for support.
So here are some tips that you can follow to get the most out of your downsizing.

1.Create a Proper budget for your Retirement Downsizing

Isn't it obvious? Financial considerations are undoubtedly one of the primary motivators for seniors to downsize to a smaller home. And, if you're like many people these days, trying to keep up with rising costs is probably disappointing you. 

Some people can get through temporary financial difficulties, knowing that they'll be fine in the long run. However, if the cost of your housing exceeds 30% of your income, you should consider moving — senior or not.

2. Get rid of anything that isn't absolutely necessary when downsizing.

This may be the most upsetting aspect of the entire downsizing process. Many people dislike throwing away items that have become a part of their home, but it is a necessary step that can be made less stressful.

  • Make a listWhen you’re finished, you might be surprised to discover that you have duplicates of certain items, which will make the cleansing process much easier.
  • Donate to a local shelter: Placed unwanted stuff, particularly clothing, toys, and children’s books, to good use for families in need. What’s the best part? You can rest easy knowing that the items will help others create new, lasting memories

3. Search For a Skilled And Experienced Moving Company

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If you want to give larger items to family members but don’t think they’re ready,  Load everything into a STORsquare container and store it in one of our secure STORsquare Storage Centers for as long as you’d like. 

When you’re ready, we can deliver it directly to your family members, whether they live down the street or across the whole Atlanta area.