During the course of the college experience, there will be times when for many different reasons, you’ll need to move your things temporarily. Sometimes it may be for a very short time, other times it may be for a bit longer. Before the time comes and you end up making fast decisions instead of the best decision, you should look into mobile storage in Atlanta.

Benefits of Mobile Storage for Students

It’s convenient

The end of the semester is a hectic time for any student. The last thing you need is to add to the stress of preparing for exams with deadlines to move out of your accommodations. Mobile storage units can be a total time saver when you need it the most. Once the container is at your place, you can load your things at your own pace and then let the mobile storage company take it to its destination. On top of that, mobile storage in Atlanta can be very affordable for students!

Transportation is not an issue

You don’t even have to try and fit all of your belongings in your car. Usually you would have to rent a van or ask a friend to use their truck. Instead, portable storage containers can be delivered right to and taken to where you need them.

It won’t make a mess in your parents home

Be honest, before you knew about portable storage solutions what was your plan? Most students usually just dump all their things in boxes and bags at their parents house. Mobile storage is the perfect way to keep your belongings organized and close by without taking up space in the house.

Only rent for the time you actually need

There can be many reasons why you need temporary storage. Maybe you need it for the summer break while you get a new dorm assigned. Or it could be longer! What if you get an amazing internship opportunity in another city for a whole semester? You’re taking a year off to travel the world? No matter the time frame, you can be sure your belongings will be safe until you need them again.

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Choosing the Right Storage Container Company

Look for a company that can give you a best price guarantee with a focus on consistently giving the best customer service experience possible.

Everyone has different needs, so look into the available container sizes each company can offer to make sure all your things fit without paying extra.

If you’re going to keep the container at the company’s facility, make sure they can give your valuable possessions protection and constant monitoring.

Why STORsquare is the best option for you

We are affordable, experts in customer service, can offer more container sizes than our competition and will always keep your items safe.

On top of that we cater to all your needs, with after-hours delivery and price breaks for multiple pickups and delivery. And no long-term contracts or cancellation fees.

Plus, our unique no-tilt lift system keeps containers flat, so materials stay free from damage and disarray. You won’t find this feature offered everywhere else.

Give us a call today at 678-605-9129 so at the end of the semester you can focus on what matters the most!