Construction site theft has grown to be a lucrative industry, with  estimated that equipment theft costs as much as $1 billion annually.

Some people will do anything to steal or harm goods and equipment. Contractors’ primary issue with timber theft was the supply chain limitations that caused lumber prices to increase by 70% in 2021.

Fortunately, there are precautions that construction companies may take to guard against loss and damage. 

The usage of portable storage containers is one of the most practical and efficient methods.


Equipment fees are not the only costs and inefficiencies caused by losses. Think about the time it takes to complete a police report or the potential increase in premiums following an insurance claim, for instance.

Additionally, as contractors rush to replace what was lost, losing tools and materials can throw schedules and budgets off course.

In fact, a contractor who misses a deadline because of stolen gear can be subject to contractual fines.

How can Protable Conatires help with construction site theft?

  • You can have your portable storage units delivered right to your desired location when you order them from a supplier like STORsquare. 
  • Therefore, you may readily keep them on-site for the duration of your operation by loading them with tools, supplies, and equipment.
  • When necessary, our portable units from can typically be positioned in a driveway or on the street.
  • When your site is closed or no one is around, you simply lock up your belongings with your own lock and key.
  • Portable storage containers can improve jobsite security while also reducing costs and enhancing the effectiveness of project management.
  • To avoid having to wait for shipments, you may, for instance, order materials in bulk or all the tools and equipment required at the beginning of the operation.
  • A contractor can also accept deliveries of goods more freely if there is a construction storage container on the job site as opposed to relying solely on just-in-time delivery

Constructions & Remodels

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Construction Jobsite Storage 

Avoid unexpected expenses. Our portable storage containers come with a latch system that locks that keeps equipment and tools safe. 

STORsquare also relocates full jobsite storage containers from site to site, using No-Tilt Technology to make sure materials stay damage-free.

Renovations and Remodels


Doing a renovation or restoration project for your customers?

 STORsquare portable storage containers are perfect places to store their personal belongings while you complete the work. 

Our containers keep their possessions safe and secure. 

They work well for business remodels too and we can deliver and store multiple containers in our secure warehouse.

Short or long term. Small or large business. Stored on-site or at our warehouse. STORsquare has solutions for every commercial moving and storage need and industry. From industrial, construction and disaster response to retail, government and nonprofits.

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