The bathroom has evolved from being only a practical area to a place where you may express your creativity and sense of style. There are countless options to update your design and keep in style, whether you have a tiny bathroom or a sumptuous hideaway. We have selected the latest bathroom design trends for your Knoxville home that will turn it into a high-end retreat, ranging from statement bathrooms to cutting-edge technology.

Make a statement with tile designs

Tiles have the ability to turn your bathroom into a piece of art with their geometric patterns and vibrant colors. Consider some of the following tile trends:

  • Geometric patterns: Asymmetrical and distinctive geometric tile patterns are dominating the scene. These striking patterns give your bathroom flair and visual intrigue.
  • Tiles with color: Ditch the simple, white tiles and embrace ones with strong, vibrant hues. A dynamic and energizing ambiance may be produced with colorful tiles, which is ideal for getting your day off to a good start.
  • Textured tiles: Texture gives any space depth and dimension. A stunning visual can be achieved using textured tiles, such as 3D tiles or tiles with embossed patterns, while also providing a tactile experience.

Take advantage of mirrors’ smarter side

Mirrors are becoming more than just reflective surfaces; they are also smarter and more useful. Asymmetrical mirror designs are becoming more and more common, giving bathrooms a contemporary, artistic feel. But mirrors are also adopting cutting-edge features and technologies. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Anti-fog technology: Say goodbye to foggy mirrors after a hot shower. Even in the steamiest bathrooms, mirrors with anti-fog technology offer a clear reflection.
  • Smart touch features: Mirrors with smart touch features let you adjust the temperature, the lighting, and even play music with just a touch. Your everyday routine is made more convenient and luxurious by these cutting-edge mirrors.
  • Integrated lighting: Mirrors should have integrated lighting because good lighting is important in all bathroom designs. Mirrors with backlighting offer soft, ideal illumination, whereas front lights promote greater creativity. Select the alternative that best fits the form and style of your mirror.
bathroom design trends for your knoxville home
Photo by Sanibell BV via Unsplash

Wallpaper: A bold comeback

Wallpaper is making a strong comeback and giving bathroom decor more character and depth. Modern wallpapers are large, bold, and vibrant; forget the outmoded flowery motifs. They may make a boring bathroom into a colorful, dazzling environment. Modern wallpaper is simple to put up and take down, making it a perfect alternative for experimenting. As a smaller room that may accommodate dramatic décor, the powder room is a great location to start. Stunning washroom rooms that reflect your distinct flair will astound your guests.

Ready to implement these bathroom design trends for your Knoxville home?

You can create a bathroom that expresses your individual taste and fulfills your functional demands, whether you want bright, vivid patterns or a minimalist look. Create a relaxing refuge in your bathroom by combining creativity and functionality.

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