Moving is difficult and we know it. You have been accustomed to living in this house for perhaps 5 or 10 years and it brings out many emotions and especially in the last few days, and we know firsthand that the last thing our customers want is more trouble and want the process to be completed quickly. This is where STORsquare comes in, Our portable storage container helps you with an easy and faster move.

STORsquare simplifies your move and keeps you in control and here’s how.

1. Flexibility

Portable storage containers let you stay in control of your move. Closings get delayed, movers can show up late, and sometimes unpacking just takes longer than you expect– STORsquare offers you the flexibility to move on your own time. Unlike moving trucks and other alternative forms of moving, our rentals are month to month. That means you don’t have to rush or pay for extra time, unlike our competitors.

2. Simple, Accessible, & Stress Free


STORsquare’s portable moving and storage containers make moving simple. No need to drive yourself bonkers with coordinating the timing of movers, moving trucks, and closings. Instead of relying on all those different parts to go according to plan, you can have peace of mind with a simple solution. A portable moving container is brought to you when you need it, and the best part is you can keep it until you are ready for it to be moved to your new home. (or we can pick up the container and store it at our location until you are ready for the relocation.)

3. The Safest & Most Secure Option

Our No-Tilt technology ensures your belongings will not shift when the container is being loaded and unloaded from the truck. Our mule system is something that makes us stand out because it is not something anyone in our area offers. Aside from our delivery system, we also stand out because our portable storage containers are much stronger and secure than any of our competitors. Our containers are constructed out of steel on every surface – something PODS® doesn’t offer. We also offer locks, moving straps, and blankets so you can ensure your belongings are protected during your move. With the option to keep your container at your home or at our secure warehouse, you can have peace of mind your contents are safe.

Atlanta’s local portable storage container leader. None of our competition offers our breadth of services and sizes. Our team works with you throughout the move. No rescheduling fees – we stay flexible because we know things change at the last minute.