Having trouble with the move?

With high prices, rising mortgage interest rates, and other personal-finance disasters, people may be wondering: What are the best options for cross-country moving right now? Many families, in particular, are wondering, “How can we move across country in a safe, timely, and, most importantly, affordable manner?” Here are the best cross-country moving options on a budget.

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1. Familiy & Friends Move

You likely have experience moving, whether it was to your first apartment or a college dorm. With the promise of a pizza dinner as compensation, you round up all of your friends or family and enlist their assistance in packing your boxes, loading them into their cars, and driving as far as their patience or time will allow.

It might be a good idea to downsize your possessions to make things more manageable before a move by friends and family or any other significant life change. 

If your budget is tight, you might be able to recoup some of the costs by selling bigger items like dining tables, couches, and chairs on Facebook Marketplace. 

You could also sell your gently worn clothing on sites like Poshmark or The Real Real to make a few dollars to help pay for your gas and supplies. This will be tip #1 to do the best cross-country moving options on a budget.


2. DYI Move

It’s not simple to perform the duties of a professional mover, and once you’ve done it, you’ll understand why movers continue to operate. But as the saying goes, you can always do it yourself if you want it done right (and on a budget). It’s simple to save money by using your own strength and time to pack, load, and move your own belongings by car.

Renting a truck is less expensive than hiring a full-service moving company for a cross-country move, but the move itself will probably take longer. DIY is probably a good option for your cross-country journey if you’re willing to trade your time for lower costs. This will be tip #2 to do the best cross-country moving options on a budget.


3. Portable Storage Container Move

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There is a good reason why portable moving and storage containers are a popular choice. Throughout the process, you have control over timing and costs. But the best part? With the assistance of specialists from STORSquare, you can complete it all without any issues.

Choosing the right container size is the most crucial step. What if you need more than one? Not to worry! Depending on how much time you might need for the packing process, you can decide when to have them delivered and set a time frame.

Then you just load each container at your own pace. When you’re ready, a STORSquare expert picks up each container and transports it to its next destination, whether that be directly to your new home or to a pit stop at a STORSquare Storage Center.