A STORsquare Community Partner Interview

The much anticipated second installment of “Between Two Squares” has arrived. Stephen is still quarantined at his bunker in Kennesaw, but that does not stop him from interviewing another business and community partner: Southeastern Laundry Equipment. Josh Schell is their Special Projects Manager and sat down with us to discuss how Southeastern Laundry and STORsquare interact.

STORsquare Interview with Southeastern Laundry Equipment

Who is Southeastern Laundry?

Southeastern provides sales, leasing, servicing, and parts for laundry equipment in a variety of industries. Their clients include hotels, apartment complexes, and coin laundromats across the southeast of the United States. Headquartered here in Marietta, they have been an employer in the community since 1976 and continue to provide excellent service and customer support as experts in the industrial and coin laundry field.

Service-first Businesses

Building a trusted relationship with clients is not a new goal in the business world. Decisions are made every day to spend money with people you trust for good reason. STORsquare strives to build that kind of relationship with every client, since we are often moving or storing people’s prized possessions and keepsakes. There must exist a level of trust that the contents of the storage container will be handled with care.

Similarly, Southeastern strives to have a trusted relationship with their clients, since laundry systems are a long-term and often expensive thing. Taking short-cuts or nickel-and-diming clients is not an option. Both businesses are reliant on repeat clients that know we will do things the right way for a fair price every time.

Laundry and Public Safety?

One of the surprise take-aways from the interview with Josh was how properly serviced and functioning laundry equipment impacts firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders. There are strict CDC guidelines for the cleaning and sanitization of the protective gear and uniforms worn by first responders. The gear these men and women wear are critical for keeping them safe and those they encounter.

Properly cleaning this gear prevents cross-contamination and prolonged exposure to certain chemicals and even bacteria/viruses. Because of Southeastern Laundry’s role in the cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep of the specialty equipment used to clean gear like fire suits, they were classified an essential business during the shelter-in-place order.

Portable Storage container being loaded with equipment
STORsquare Container being loaded with equipment

Inventory Storage

As a distributor of laundry equipment and parts, Southeastern has found that carrying a certain level of inventory is important to being able to react to their customers needs in a timely manner. This inventory fluctuates depending on the size and stage of their projects. When inventory swings high, Southeastern looks to STORsquare to provide inventory storage. Our portable storage containers allow inventory levels to increase or decrease with time without them being locked into a long- or medium- term warehouse lease.

As mentioned, laundry equipment can be quite expensive, so a secure container was important for Southeastern. They also needed storage that would be dry even when exposed to the elements for several months at a time. STORsquare’s containers fit the bill perfectly.

Southeastern Laundry Equipment Sales

Thank you to Josh and all our friends at Southeastern Laundry! Please check out the service and equipment they offer at https://selaundry.com