Have you been thinking of remodeling the kitchen? Do you think you should paint your bedroom a new color? Do you know you have to change the pumbling in your home before an accident happens but you just haven’t gotten around to it? Be honest, is the mess and chaos of renovations stopping you? If that’s the case, we have good news for you! Mobile container solutions can simplify your home renovations in Dahlonega and here’s how.


Renovation projects can be unpredictable. They usually go longer than expected but don’t worry, you can keep your STORsquare container for however long you need it.

You can also decide whether you want to keep your belongings at one of our facilities like traditional storage or you can have it right at your doorstep!

The size of your project is no problem either. We have containers in four different sizes (competitors like PODS® only have three options) and you can rent as many or as few as you need. This means you’ll never pay for space that you’re not using.

Keep your home clean and organized

Yes, even during any time of renovation it is possible to minimize the mess. There’s two ways portable moving and storage containers can help. First, you can clear the way for the renovation to happen. Move every piece of furniture, kitchen cabinets, or whatever you need to move. If what bothers you is the equipment, tools and building materials messing your home or just laying outside, you can get a container to store those items as well.

Keep your belongings safe

Renovations are chaotic. People coming in and out of your house or having materials and tools outside is understandably worrysome. STORsquare’s containers are even fire resistant, so you can rest assure your things are safe.

dahlonega mobile container solutions

Our mobile container solutions in Dahlonega couldn’t be any easier. There’s only three steps:

  1. We deliver a unit to you
  2. You fill the container
  3. Relax knowing your belongings are safe and secure

That’s it! What are you waiting for? We’re here to make it easier for you! Request a free quote and start on your project now!