If you have children in the state of Georgia, you recently heard the news that Georgia schools will not be back in session for the 2019/20 school year. This means that the amount of time your children are currently spending at home will continue if not increase over the next several weeks. As with most events, there are challenges and opportunities in this announcement.

An increased amount of time spent at home as a family can be precious, but unexpectedly providing daytime care and enrichment for a child can be tricky to say the least. With many non-essential businesses closed and social distancing practices enforced, freeing up space at home can be essential in its own way. A portable storage container can be the perfect resource to de-clutter a home that is seeing more traffic now than it ever has before.

Cluttered Room not being used

Spare Rooms are for Living, Not Storing

Museums, parks, bowling alleys, and movie theaters are all off the list of things to do. Having space at home for activities that meet the social distancing and shelter in place requirements is a must. The unused bedroom or bonus room that has been known to occur in the North Atlanta suburbs may contain seasonal items, hand-me-downs, or spare furniture that could be placed inside one of our containers instead of blocking up a room. The room could instead be used for arts and crafts, an impromptu classroom, or perhaps a meditation space for keeping sane.

Home Improvement while Stuck at Home

Portable storage containers can help facilitate renovation and remodeling projects while you shelter in place. You may finally have the time to work on the projects to improve the value or just livability of your home, but you can not sacrifice more living space at this time. By moving the contents of the project room or area into a storage unit instead of into another room, the contents are better protected from dust or paint and are out of your way.

Container Size

16' Storage Unit

We have a variety of container sizes that can fit your needs. An 8’ container can hold the contents of a studio apartment or slightly more than one room worth of furniture. A 16’ storage container can be delivered to your location and store the contents of a single-bay garage. The 12’ and 16’ units mean that any size project is a match for STORsquare.

Placement Options

STORsquare uses a level lift delivery system that allows us to place a container on most terrain without denting or scratching pavement and while protecting the contents of the container to the best of our ability. The container can be left onsite for the duration of the project (or this quarantine). It can also be loaded up and stored in our Kennesaw warehouse for as long as you like. By having a flexible delivery vehicle and different storage options, STORsquare hopes we can help bring some extra space and sanity to your world during these unusual times.

Container Delivered to Brookhaven, GA
A 16′ container being delivered on a narrow driveway in Brookhaven

As a note: We will continue to follow the guidelines of our state and local government as well as our Health and Safety officials keeping the safety of our clients, employees, and community as the most important thing.

Check out our latest video to hear Stephen explain why now is still a great time for a storage container at your location and see if you can do better at the 10 push-up challenge…