Maddie Dog with Christmas tree beside portable storage unit

Did you know almost 70% of American households use an artificial Christmas tree? And on average, folks plan to keep one tree for about 10 years! That’s a total of getting it out and putting it away 20 times.

The right storage option based on your needs will ensure your tree lasts as long as you want it to while still keeping your sanity. The truth is, a Christmas tree can take up a lot of space. But it doesn’t have to! Instead, you can safely store your tree without any fuss by using one of the storage methods we’ve listed below.|

Storage Tote

Christmas Tree Storage Totes 

Storage Totes are a great way to store clothes, seasonal décor, keepsakes, and anything else you’d put in your garage or basement, including artificial Christmas trees / décor.  Any kind of tote from somewhere like The Container Store would work just fine. (Plus they have a lot of other neat storage and organization options to scope out while you’re there too) The tote doesn’t have to be specifically labeled for a Christmas tree, but make sure you get a lid that fits well to keep your items away from unwanted smells, dust and pests until its that wonderful time of the year again!

Storage Bag with Wheels

Christmas Tree Storage Bags

Tote bags can be made to store Christmas trees. They are really convenient because they usually come with handles that make it easy to move. If you’re super fancy, they can even come with some wheels so they can roll and move easily. These are a nice option because it tends to be a little easier to roll the bag rather than carry (or drag…) a tote across the floor. They also make canvas covers that are meant to throw over an assembled tree. This option lets you avoid the hassle of taking the tree apart while still safely storing it somewhere like the garage or basement. 

STORsquare Unit in Snow
A SQUARE in a rare Atlanta snowstorm!

Portable Storage Units

If your Christmas decorations make up a small (or maybe not-so-small) town of lights, Santas, nativity scenes, snowmen and toy trains, a STORsquare container delivered straight to your driveway could be a great option. We have clients who have been with us for quite some time that simply contact us a few times a year. A call to have their unit with all their Christmas décor delivered to their house and a call to pick up their empty unit (some store their everyday décor in their unit while all the Christmas décor is up, too) And then when they are ready to take down their Christmas décor, they just give us a call to deliver their portable storage container. After they have loaded it up on their own time, they schedule a time for us to pick up the unit and safely store it at our location until the next year. 

We know  it can be tempting to leave your Christmas tree up all year and hope Santa magically takes it down (or maybe stops by again 🎅🏼🦌🎄), but more than likely you don’t want to be the only house in the neighborhood that hasn’t stored the Christmas décor by the time spring rolls around. Unless you’re like a certain one of us at STORsquare that listens to Christmas music year round… Can you guess which one of us does that??🤔

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