Furniture dreads 2 words: “moving” and “storage”. Minimize/eliminate the damage of your valuable possessions.

A traditional move with storage includes 2-4 trips in and out of a moving truck or container by uninterested movers you will never see again. Or your Uncle Randy who was kind enough to help you move, but secretly you hope to never see again after he put a huge dent in your coffee table.

Moving companies assume some level of damage will occur and have complicated claims processes and compensation plans for your damaged possessions.  Accidents do occur, and no company can guarantee never scratching a single piece of furniture. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

First step is to rent a mobile storage container that allows you to pack your stuff at your own pace without having to load it in a box truck with an elevated bed.  Secondly, you need to select a mobile storage company that uses level lift technology.

The easiest and most common method of delivering a storage container is to use the same technology used to deliver roll-off dumpsters (Yes, they move your family heirloom grandfather clock the same way they move trash). The tilt and hoist method is quick and effective, but does not keep your personal item’s safe-keeping in mind. Tilting a container can lead your possessions to shift or fall leading to damage. This pick up and delivery method makes unloading the container safely and without scratching or damaging items very difficult if not impossible and should really be reserved for the transportation of empty containers only.

At STORsquare, we have invested in the right technology to ensure that your SQUARE is always lifted level. Many competitors do not have level-lift technology and utilize roll-off/tilt beds that tilt your container to a severe angle before pulling them up. Other competitors will use a level-lift system to pickup your container, but then tilt your container while transporting it in and out of their warehouse.

Our systems ensure your SQUARE remains level from the time it is pick-up to the time of delivery. It’s as simple and square as that.