How many Girl Scout Cookies fit in a SQUARE?

According to our calculations, STORsquare’s 20′ moveable storage container… can hold approximately
38,380 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. Yum!

How much would it cost? A portable storage container filled with Girl Scout Cookies (lets assume Thin Mints because they are amazing) would cost $172,264.50 to buy the boxes of cookies, but only $175/month to rent the mobile unit.

How many calories would that be? While a 20′ container is not an FDA-approved serving size, you would be looking at 49 million calories, which is roughly equal to the number of calories you burn while renovating your basement or moving into a new home. Thin Mints are vegan, FYI.

Why would you fill a STORsquare storage container with Girl Scout Cookies? Why climb Mount Everest? Because we can, and because we were hungry when we wrote this.

STORsquare offers our largest 20′ container while PODS and PackRat do not. When you need to rent more storage space for cookies OR for moving across Atlanta, our 20′ portable storage unit is the way to go!

What do you store in your SQUARE? #STORsquare