Why should you downsize?

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Are you unsure of your level of organization commitment? Even though the word “downsize” has a bad reputation, clever businesses are aware that it may also be a wise choice for their operations and employees.and

Businesses were left with very expensive and frequently empty office space. The office solution of the decade is downsizing your office as society starts to adjust to life COVID. If done properly and taking advantage of the chance to use facilities and floorspace more efficiently can boost culture and expand your company.and

 So here are a few tips on how yo can downsize your commercial office space and created a better enviorment for your employees.and

You may wish to think about reducing the size of your present office space for the following reasons:

  • The cost of commercial real estate is soaring.
  • A compact workplace layout can promote more collaboration and increased productivity.
  • By getting rid of or cutting back on office costs including rent, supplies, equipment rentals, utilities, employee transportation benefits, etc., there is less operational overhead.
  • You can transfer money to other parts of the business.
  • Many employees can demonstrate increased or consistent output compared to before your downsizing.

How can we help?

We can help with relocating a business from one office location to another using our portable storage containers in addition to offering your company alternatives for practical and reasonably priced office storage space. 

Also, we can assist companies who want to combine their many sites by moving them thanks to our countrywide network. 


Short or long term. Small or large business. Stored on-site or at our warehouse. STORsquare has solutions for every commercial moving and storage need and industry. From industrial, construction and disaster response to retail, government and nonprofits.

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