The inside of a storage container is not a blockbuster topic to say the least, but there are some important features to our portable storage units that makes them a great option for moving and storage. Take a look at one of our previous blogs about container doors to learn more about one of the most important design features: https://storsquare.com/blog/doors-that-swing-open-or-doors-that-roll-up-which-one-makes-more-sense. There are several other container features that you may find helpful during the moving and storage process.

STORsquare portable storage store outside
STORsquare containers are the best quality.


While your storage container will always be treated with as much care and caution as we possibly can, the unit will be moved. This means the contents inside the container may shift. To limit the amount of shifting and reduce the risk of contents being damaged, STORsquare units have D-rings located throughout to secure items. The D-rings are at shin and should height every 4 feet across the length of the unit. They can be used with ratchet straps, bungee cords, or cheap nylon rope to secure larger items as they are loaded into the container.

No Sweat Container – Seriously

Bad containers sweat. When temperature and humidity swings on a sealed steel container, there is the possibility that the inside walls of the container may sweat or dew. This can expose sensitive items to moisture staining and damage. STORsquare portable storage units are vented which prevents the container from sweating. Most storage units are designed with this in mind, but always check to see if your storage provider is using properly constructed storage facilities.

No Ramps

If you have ever loaded a rental truck, then you know the hardest part about loading the moving truck is the ramp. The ramp is awkward to navigate while carrying heavy or bulky items. The dreaded ramp can convert a beloved piece of furniture into a painful, over-sized reminder to watch your step. Our portable storage units are only a few inches above ground level. Since you do not need a long ramp to get access to the unit, the container can be placed closer to where items are being loaded from. Saving 5 steps doesn’t sound like much, but when you multiply that by the dozens or hundreds of trips it takes to load an entire storage unit, it can be significant.

Secure and Dry Inside

Most of a container’s functionality comes from it being a safe, secure, and weatherproof location to store items inside and relocate to a new location. With our annual rainfall and high relative humidity in North Georgia, being weatherproof is highly important. It may be 75 and sunny in Woodstock but dropping 3 inches of rain in Canton. Knowing that you can safely store items inside the unit without them getting wet or growing mildew is our unit’s best feature.

When you compare our storage container’s construction and quality to PODS®, we are confident that you will prefer our portable storage units inside and out.

Stephen giving a tour in our Kennesaw, GA warehouse.