Using a lock on your SQUARE

When renting a portable storage container, it is important to use a lock throughout the rental and storage process. Locks are an inexpensive way to secure to the container and keep the wrong people out for a variety of reasons. STORsquare has a few compatible locks for sale with the rental of the unit, but our clients can use a wide variety of size and style locks on their SQUARE. The important thing is to get a lock on the unit, regardless of what kind.

Man Locking Storage Container

Controlled Access

The most important and most obvious reason for needing a lock on your container is to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the unit and taking your possessions. While theft is not a common issue with storage units, it does occur. Sadly, many people will take items they find as valuable if the risk is worth the reward. A simple lock can prevent most issues related to people opening the unit to see what is inside and therefore, increase the risk while hiding the reward.

By locking the unit, you keep curious people out. You also require thieves to take the extra step of breaking in. Given enough time and access to the right tools, any lock can be broken. It does, however, make the task more difficult and take more time when locked with a decent device. There are some very high-quality locks costing over $100, which provide the most amount of protection available. Even these locks can be picked or cut, but they would certainly slow down a would-be thief.

Peace of Mind

We recommend the unit be locked while it is in our possession as well. By you locking your container prior to our driver picking up the loaded unit, you know that you were the last person inside the container before it was delivered to our warehouse in Kennesaw, GA. You will also know that you are the first person into the container once your unit is redelivered to your new address.

While the unit is in our storage facility, we do not need access to the unit unless for pressing safety reasons (Our lease agreement has more information on this kind of scenario if you are curious). It can be hard enough to trust someone with the storage of your possessions, so knowing that you are the only one with the key to get in can certainly provide some peace of mind.

Need to access your container while it is stored at our warehouse? No problem!


Even when your beautiful, steel, STORsquare portable storage container is sitting at your property empty, we recommend locking the unit. Either before loading the unit or after, it can still be beneficial to ensure that no one is accessing the unit without your permission. A lock can prevent the container from being used for dumping unwanted items or trash by people in the area. It can also keep kids or neighbors out of the unit. There could be kids simply playing or something more nefarious, but it can be a risk to allow people inside the empty space unmonitored.

Styles and Recommendations

Padlock for STORsquare storage container
Disc Locks can be ordered ahead of time and delivered with your SQUARE. You can also ask your driver, as most have an extra lock or two for sale just in case.

As mentioned above, most any size or style lock will work to secure your SQUARE. The doors have a place in the handle to attach the lock which accepts pad locks, disc locks, combination locks, and several other styles. As long as the shackle length is not so long and to prevent the lock from looping into the door, it will work for your container. We do, however, recommend to all our clients to use a disc lock whenever possible. These locks sheath the shackle of the lock which makes it harder to cut the lock using bolt cutters. Check out our Facebook posts for more information.