Stress-Free Storage During Renovation

On average, 90 percent of American homeowners plan on remodeling their home. Unfortunately, the length of time it can take to complete a remodel or renovation on your house ranges from a few months to over a year. Considering your renovation storage plan before construction begins can help you save time, money and stress during renovation.

Do I Need Renovation Storage?

If you’re asking yourself, “Do I really need to plan out a storage solution for my home renovation?”, the answer is yes. Renovating your home can come with many unknown variables, from extended deadlines to unexpected costs – don’t make storage one of them.

Considering how you’ll handle storage during renovation is important to not only make your renovation as stress-free and smooth as possible, but also to protect your belongings.

Here are some of the most important reasons why it is important to put your belongings away in storage during renovation:

Renovation storage from Storsquare
  • Protection. Keeping your furniture and other valuables stored away during a home reno can prevent them from get dirty, damaged, lost or even stolen during construction.
  • Ease of renovation. Storing items away from construction not only protects them, but also keeps them out of the way, making the renovation process easier and faster.

Advantages of Portable Storage Containers for Home Renovation Storage

Using portable storage containers for your renovation storage comes with many perks. First, at Storsquare, we’ll bring the storage to you. Our service reps will deliver your portable storage container to your home, so you can worry about one less thing.

Other advantages of portable storage containers for renovation storage include:

  • Easy access. Portable storage containers can stay at your home during renovation, leaving your items accessible if needed, but out of harm’s way.
  • Security. Opt to store your container in a secure warehouse out of sight for wandering eyes if you are renovating a new home or do not plan to be on-site most of the time.
  • Cost-effective. Storage containers are an affordable solution for storage during renovation, so you can put your budget toward the renovation of your dreams.
  • Portability. Our portable storage containers can easily travel back and forth between construction sites or from your old house to your new. Storsquare’s experienced drivers will work with you to coordinate multiple pick-ups and deliveries in a schedule that works for you.
Storage during renovation | Storsquare

Portable storage containers can make a stress-free solution for your renovation storage needs. To rent a portable storage container for your next home renovation or remodel, contact Storsquare by calling 1-884-888-7867 or requesting a quote below.