Take a look at what one of our team members, Amy, wrote about having the flexibility to help her clients when plans change on a dime:

“One of my favorite roles in working for STORsquare is bringing some calm to the stress that moving incites. Often, I receive calls from customers who have a ‘set-in-stone’ moving date that suddenly changes; due to closing date shifts, purchase contracts falling through, and other frustrating pieces of the Atlanta housing market. Our clients call me in that moment of panic and I love the flexibility I’m able to offer on our service calendar. Unlike some of our competitors I don’t have to charge a cancellation, rescheduling, or reservation fee when plans develop.

As a part of the STORsquare team I’m able to speak directly with my client and assess the changes that need to be initiated, edit the schedule on the fly, and save the moving day.  Being able work one on one with our customers means I can directly offer advice and assistance. I like this in person approach as I feel it gives a friendly peace of mind.

The most recent advice I’ve been asked about are moving tips, how to time the delivery and how to best pack the mobile storage unit. My favorite schedules to work with are the clients who utilize STORsquare as a decluttering tool when they put their home on the market. Then once it’s sold, we can offer more storage solutions and moving assistance while keeping their ‘declutter square’ safely in our Kennesaw warehouse. From listing to the last box unpacked I enjoy celebrating my client’s success in their new homes. Overall, I think STORsquare is an amazing tool to offer my customers and I’m so glad I get to be a part of their move.”

~Amy B.

Thank you, Amy! Check out our new video to see the basics of portable storage. You can also learn more on our How it Works tab.