STORsquare is now offering ramps available for rent.

Ramps for storsquare

We are ‘ramping’ up our service here at STORsquare! We recently added ramps to our offerings at STORsquare. Our aim is to increase the ease of use and loading for our clients any way we can. While a 6” step into the container is not much, it certainly can add a lot of work when rolling a hand truck or dolly back and forth repeatedly. We are pleased to offer two different kinds of ramps now available for rent with your container: standard (yellow) and large (black).

Standard Ramp

Yellow ramp into storage container

The yellow standard ramp is easily moved with one hand. It is wide enough for an appliance dolly, but really shines when loading using a standard hand truck. The hard formed plastic makes the ramp light weight, but strong enough to be rated for 300+ lbs. The flat design of the ramp means it can easily store just on the inside of the container door, so it could be the last thing you pack on the unit, and the first thing you take off for unloading. Also, it has a nonskid diamond plating pattern and a carrying handle. The standard ramp paired with a hand truck can turn a dozen back-breaking trip in and out of the container moving one box at a time into rolling the hand truck into the unit just a few times.

Large Ramp

black ramp into storage container

The black large ramp is quite a bit more substantial than its smaller yellow cousin. It is also made of hard-formed plastic and light weight, but it more than twice as wide. The ramp can be used with any hand truck or appliance dolly, but also is wide enough to fit a standard pallet jack. The ramp is great for commercial clients that may be storing pallets of material or need to move items in and out of the container on a regular basis. Being able to bring a pallet jack into the container with ease allows our clients to use their unit as an extension of the warehouse or storeroom.

Load Smarter, Not Harder

Human-kind invented the wedge and wheel a very, very long time ago. Let us be smart about this and take advantage of our ancestors’ ingenuity. Let us let gravity do the hard work, and let us do as little heavy lifting as possible.

Either ramp is a great option for residential or commercial storage clients. Give us a call at 844-888-STOR to learn more about our SQUAREs if you have any moving or storage needs. We would love to help you out!