We are once again in a sellers’ market. Real estate prices are on the rise, as more people are ready to purchase homes. If you’ve considered selling your home, now might be the perfect time.

If you are ready to list your home, it might help to declutter to improve your listing. A SQUARE can help give you space to store your belongings while you prepare your home for real estate showings.

It’s also smart to put belongings in a SQUARE until you know where you are moving. We deliver and pickup the SQUARE to and from your house. You don’t have to worry with moving trucks and self-storage – we do it all for you. That’s the kind of convenience you need when dealing with the stress of a move.

You can store your SQUARE at your house or property or in our warehouse. We have all the options you need. You can take your time too since our SQUAREs are scheduled for monthly usage.

Here’s some helpful tips to consider when packing your SQUARE for moving or storage:

  1. Use uniformly sized boxes to ensure ease of stacking;
  2. Label your boxes on both the top and sides;
  3. Label the rooms in your new house and include arrows to each location;
  4. Have a designated box pile wall for each room;
  5. Transport some power tools with you or in the last box packed in the SQUARE to ensure furniture is easy to put together;
  6. Schedule your SQUARE to show up a few days before the movers since you have a full MONTH!