STORsquare’s portable storage units are placed directly on the ground using either rubber feet or wooden blocks to prevent any scratching of the client’s driveway. This means our containers are a single step up into the unit while loading and unloading. Moving trucks, personal vehicles, trailers, etc. vary in deck height, but may be 20-35 inches high.

Step into a STORsquare Container

A step into a storage container
Take 6″ step into our beautiful storage containers.

While 35 inches does not sound like an incredibly significant hurdle, making dozens of trips up and down this ramp while carrying an over-sized couch with a friend or family member can truly become an exhausting proposition. Using a ramp to load a moving truck may also seem like an inevitable part of moving, but it is not! A storage container delivered to your current location and placed directly on your driveway is a great way to facilitate a home relocation without having to complete the ramp dance.

Use Your Own Vehicle?

There are plenty of options when considering a DIY move. The first of which is to load a personal vehicle and make shuttle-runs back and forth between the two locations until the move is completed. The benefits of using your own vehicle is upfront costs, the need for reservations, and being able to load at your own pace.

There are quite a few difficulties in using you own vehicle as well. Personal vehicles can only carry a few items at a time and securing the items safely can be complicated as well. Because of the limited capacity, many shuttle runs are needed. Depending on the distance and time constraints, this can be incredibly time consuming and expensive once you add up the gas bills. Rain can also create significant problems when moving this way.

We rent storage containers as large as 20 feet in length, so you can store 4-5 total rooms worth of items inside a single container. The contents can also be stored and moved in rain since the containers are fully weatherproof. You can still move at your own pace, since the storage unit is rented monthly.

Rent a Moving Van?

Renting a moving van is a very popular option for cross-town moves. They can be rented for a few hours or days, they increase the number of items you can move in one trip, and they do not wear out your personal vehicles. The moving van can, however, wear you and your wallet out.

The loading ramp is a real challenge for DIY movers and can be tricky to navigate as well as exhausting. Financially, a moving van can be very cost-effective in short periods. Longer moving van rentals can begin to add up. Even a few hours delay to your move means additional rental costs.

Take a look a recent video from Stephen who helped a friend move across town from Marietta to Kennesaw. They chose to move using a rental truck, but ran into a few issues along the way.

We rent our portable storage units on a month-to-month basis. A few hour or a few day delay to your moving schedule does not increase the cost of your move at all. In addition, you do not need to navigate the loading ramp. Our units are a single step up into the container, which allows for safer and easier loading of the container.

Stephen follows up with a success story from a move a few days later –

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