To our friends:

By now you have likely received hundreds of messages like this one with a list of precautionary steps that each company is taking to protect it employees, clients, and community. I apologize for the repetitive nature of this message, but it is important to state that STORsquare is also taking measures with public safety in mind.

Container Cleaning Measures Already in Place

Our portable storage units are already cleaned out of any prior customer’s left-over items, swept out to remove dust and particles, and finally cleaned using spray disinfectants. These cleaning measures have been in place since STORsquare opened its doors to serve the Atlanta area and will continue to be a part of our commitment to the cleanest, nicest containers in the portable storage and moving industry. These cleaning measures have been and will continue to be emphasized with all our employees. As additional cleaning guidelines are provided from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and government officials, we will adjust our practices accordingly.

Social Distancing

STORsquare Portable storage and moving has the benefit of not requiring contact between clients and employees. While I prefer a personal interaction during the delivery of the container to ensure our customers are comfortable with the containers features and uses, a no-contact delivery can be just as informative and effective.

  • Rental Agreements are sent digitally and can be completed using an e-signature. There is no need to pass a pen and paper between individuals.
  • Customers do not need to meet their delivery driver outside for the delivery. Placement instructions and other details can be coordinated via phone and email. Container walk-throughs can be completed by the delivery driver and the customer separately.
  • Container Access at our warehouse is still by appointment-only and is still free of charge. Please reach out to schedule container access at least 24 hours in advance. We will place the container in a safe and secure staging area allowing for drive-up access. You can add or remove items from the container as needed without contacting our team or another customer.

How STORsquare Can Help

North Georgia and the Atlanta area in general is our home too. We are a part of this community and want to do our part any way we can. While not much, we do have portable storage containers and the ability to deliver and relocate them to the areas of our community most in need.

As hospitals are expected to see an increase in patient volume and demand, we are looking to provide our 16’ SQUAREs as temporary onsite storage for any facility that could benefit from additional clean, dry space. The containers can be placed onsite in the parking lot or any relatively flat unused areas of the facility. Storing equipment and supplies in areas that could otherwise be used for treatment becomes wasteful and problematic under high-demand situations.

How You Can Help

Stephen describing STORsquare response

STORsquare is looking for additional contacts in any Cobb, Fulton, Cherokee, or Forsyth county hospital that makes decisions related to operations, facilities, or purchasing. If they can see a benefit to additional storage space at their facility, we want to help! Please contact me at jacobt@storsquare.com or call 844-888-STOR ext. 700, and I will coordinate the delivery personally.

Take a listen to Stephen from inside our Kennesaw warehouse practicing his social distancing and giving more information on STORsquare’s approach to this situation at: https://www.facebook.com/STORsquare/videos/2791539997619899/UzpfSTE3Mjk1NTUzOTY6MTAyMDcxODM0NjM5MDE0ODU/


Jacob Thomsen

STORsquare Atlanta