When it comes to storing your business essentials, questions about insurance, compliance, and logistics often arise. Here’s a comprehensive guide to navigating these concerns with STORSquare experience in Calhoun, GA.

Insurance Coverage: STORSquare doesn’t provide insurance for your belongings. However, many homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies cover stored items. Before opting for additional coverage, check with your insurance company to understand the extent of your existing policy’s protection.

Compliance with HOA and City Regulations: Understanding and adhering to HOA and city rules is crucial. As a customer, it’s your responsibility to be aware of these regulations. Prior to the delivery of your STORSquare unit, notify us of any specific rules regarding unit placement. We’ll work with you to ensure compliance with your local ordinances.

Container Placement: Our motto is simple: “If it fits, it sits.” While we strive to accommodate your preferred placement, safety and feasibility are paramount. If our delivery driver encounters obstacles, we’ll collaborate with you to find an alternative location. Remember, ensuring compliance with HOA, city, or other local ordinances is ultimately your responsibility.

STORSquare Experience

Packing and Unpacking Assistance: While we don’t offer loading or unloading services, we’re happy to provide a list of local companies that do. These professionals can help streamline the packing and unpacking process, ensuring a smooth transition for your business essentials.

Flexible Rental Periods: Your convenience is our priority. You can rent your STORSquare container for as long as necessary, with rental periods available in 30-day increments. Whether your new business space isn’t ready or you simply require more time to unpack, rest assured that we’re here to accommodate your needs until you’re ready for pickup.

With STORSquare in Calhoun, GA, you can store your business belongings with confidence, knowing that your concerns about insurance, compliance, and logistics are addressed comprehensively. Enjoy STORSquare Experience!