Three SQUAREs stored at clients site
Three of our 16′ containers tucked inside parking spaces behind a client’s location.

STORsquare uses four different container sizes: 8’, 12’, 16’, and 20’ units to ensure we have the right sized container for any project. And for the really big ones, we use as many containers as the client may need…

No Project Too Big!         

Panoramic Shot of ten STORsquare Units
A panoramic shot of ten 16′ units onsite for one of our largest storage projects ever.

As Many Storage Units As It Takes

Some of our favorite and most memorable projects of all time were some of our largest. Since our containers fit nicely within a single parking space, a small parking lot can quickly become a temporary warehouse. The units can be used for storing almost anything. (Take a look at our lease agreement which specifies prohibited items before you test that claim too far!) As a project ramps up or winds down, the amount of storage needed may increase or decrease. Since the units are modular, the amount and cost of that storage can match the project’s demands. If you only need 100 square feet of storage, we got you. If you end up needing over 1000 square feet of storage, we also got you.

20’ Units

A client in downtown Woodstock needed their specialty equipment stored in one of our 20′ units until they were ready to accept delivery. The equipment was so large they had to take apart the door for it to fit!

Having a 20’ portable storage container in our fleet gives us added flexibility when choosing the size and number of containers needed for a project. Many of clients need 20’ long storage options to fit raw materials or specialty items that come in lengths greater than 16 feet. It isn’t always the best solution if the client is planning to store particularly heavy items, however. Since our containers are limited to 6,000lbs content weight, an overloaded 20’ unit can find itself being too heavy for our delivery vehicles. In those situations, multiple smaller units are often better.

Small Projects Too!

A brand new 8′ unit being delivered onsite.

8’ Storage Containers

If you look at a storage container rental and the cost per square foot, our 8’ is the most expensive. So why do people still use them so often? The 8’ unit can be placed in the smallest of spaces and is the easiest unit to navigate into and out of tricky locations. When transporting containers, too much empty space can cause problems if the items are not properly secured. Therefore, storing a studio apartment in a 20’ container is not only excessive; it can also be harder on the contents inside.

12’ Storage Containers

For some reason, we have found the 12’ SQUARE to be a kind of “sweet spot” for many of our clients that are tight on space but need more than just an 8’ storage unit. It is shorter and easier to maneuver than it’s larger cousins, but it can hold bulkier and longer items than our smallest option. The 12’ container can hold two- or three-bedrooms worth of contents.

Design drawings for our 12′ containers

STORsquare’s Portable Storage Units can tackle the job big or small. Give us a call at 844-888-STOR to discuss the storage logistics around your upcoming project. Visit our Facebook page to see the most recent jobs we have done and what our client’s are saying about us.