New units have arrived at STORsquare Atlanta

We are happy to announce that we have increased the number of containers in our fleet this week, as a new shipment of units just arrived from the manufacturer.  There were both 16’ and 20’ portable storage containers on this shipment. We are actively working to assemble the newest units. Once assembled, they will be immediately available for rent in Atlanta and North Georgia.

Shipping Delays

Across the world, the shipping industry has suffered from heavy delays stemming from changes in consumer demand, worker shortages, and the blocking of the Suez Canal earlier this year. While our containers did not need to go through the Suez Canal, these factors increased the shipping time far greater than we anticipated. We apologize to those who were not able to get a container these last couple of weeks, but we are excited to have units available moving forward!

Assembling the Units

Building a SQUARE is no small task! The units are removed from the delivery skid one at a time before the container roof is removed to allow for assembly. Next, all four wall are lifted up and bolted into place with additional corner guards for added protection. Once the walls are in place, the roof is then returned to the top of the unit and bolted into place as well. We are well practiced at assembling our units once they arrive from the manufacture after having built several hundred of them. It still takes us around 35-45 minutes per container to assemble and clean them before use. Once built, however, our storage containers can provide a dry and secure storage option for decades to come.

A look at two new “skids” of containers. Each skid holds 6 units.

Renting the Units

We are able to book and schedule use of these new containers immediately! If you are interested in learning more about getting one of these new containers delivered to your location, give us a call at 844-888-STOR. We are currently booking about a week in advance due to the increased demand. STORsquare would be happy to help facilitate an upcoming renovation project or crosstown relocation using these shiny new storage boxes.

Even More Coming

As excited as we are about the latest shipment of containers, we are even more excited about the next one! We have additional 16’ units already being manufactured to help us serve our clients through this fall and winter. These additional units are not reserved or booked yet, so give us a call and be the first person to rent a brand-new container this fall! We are excited to continue our growth, and are so thankful for the support our local community has shown us. STORsquare thanks you for your continued business!