The Do-It-Yourself movement is more alive and approachable than ever before. Pinterest, YouTube, and the internet as a whole have provided an abundance of resources for the at-home craftsperson. Home improvement even has an entire television network dedicated to the practice. There is significant satisfaction and enjoyment to be gained by completed a home improvement task without the involvement of a professional. There is also significant value and cost savings. DIY projects can be as simple as painting an accent wall to as complicated as full-scale renovations. No matter big or small, there are also some risks to DIY that should be considered. We will take a look at what to think about when considering a DIY home renovation.

A 16′ Portable Storage Unit being delivered for a renovation project, probably

Some DIYs Can Get Complicated

Painting a wall to freshen up a room is typically well within the skillset of even the most entry-level DIYer. Not all projects are created equal, however. Here are 5 of the more common DIY projects that can get overwhelming quickly:

  1. Plumbing – Moving a sink or shower may open up the room and increase the usability of a space that you are renovating. It can also sink your budget and crush your DIY spirit. There is a very good reason plumbers are highly trained and well compensated for their work: it requires expertise. Water can also quickly destroy a home should a mistake be made.
  2. Electrical – Swapping a light fixture may be within your ability after some research, but more extensive projects could get complicated and dangerous quickly. Just like a plumber, an electrician requires years of training since doing something incorrectly can be deadly. Wire shorts can create fires, exposed live wires can shock the DIYer working on them or friends and family unknowingly.
  3. Rooftops, Siding, Gutters – Basically anything that requires a ladder should be considered before taking on DIY-style. It does not take a long google search to discover thousands of examples of ladder climbing gone wrong. A fall can be embarrassing and bruising, but it can also be much more serious.
  4. Removing Chipped Paint – Depending on the age of your home, that paint could contain lead that causes major long-term health issues to the person exposed. If it is unclear, err on the side of caution and use an expert with the appropriate tools and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to remove the paint.
  5. Windows – Replacing a window requires knowledge of siding, insulation, drywall, carpentry, and windows themselves. It may look simple, but a mistake during window installation could leave you with a giant hole in the side of your home. If you have to wait on a specific part or to get on a professional’s schedule to clean up the mess, that hole may be there for several days.
Siding can be very tricky depending on the spot.

DIY or No, a SQUARE can Help!

Whether you choose to DIY or not, a STORsquare container at your location can make the process much simpler. Our portable storage units can hold the contents of the room(s) you are remodeling keeping them safe and out of the way. The units could also store expensive tools and raw materials safely and securely on a jobsite during the project. Instead of sacrificing garage or living space for storage during the project, use a STORsquare.