STORSquare’s new forklift has arrived. The previous forklift was a diesel fuel system and while it was functional…

we decided to upgrade to a natural gas forklift to help reduce our carbon footprint.

According to the US Department of Energy, propane is frequently used to replace gasoline in smaller applications, such as forklifts and commercial lawn equipment. Because propane is a low-carbon fuel, a switch to propane in these applications can result in substantial reductions of GHGs.

Another consideration we took into account was the reduced tailpipe emissions. With your valuables stored in our Climate Controlled storage, we wanted to take every precaution to ensure proper care, that includes the air.

We hope you will celebrate with us as we take this important green step forward!

Old Forklift in Use

moving a storage container
STORsquare moves your FULL SQUARE with our No-Tilt Lift technology
STORsquare Natural Gas Forklift
STORsquare Natural Gas Forklift