We know STORsquare is a superior option for your retail store’s inventory storage against PODS®, but you don’t have to take our word for it. See what PODS® and STORsquare customers have to say.

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*PODS® NPS was provided by Comparably as of Jan 20222 and can be found here

What is a Net Promoter Score?

At a glance, this diagram shows that STORsquare is a superior option for your portable storage needs against PODS®, but what really is a Net Promoter Score? A Net Promoter Score (NPS for short) is a metric used to measure customer satisfaction based on one simple question:

“How likely is it that you would recommend this business to a friend?

How does Net Promoter Score work?

Customers rate their likelihood of referring a company on a scale of 0 (not at all likely) to 10 (extremely likely). Their responses place them in one of three categories: Detractors, Passives, or Promoters.

NPS = % Promoters – % Detractors

storage pods atlanta

What is a a Good Net Promoter Score? 

While different industries have varying benchmarks, one thing remains the same between them all. Being in the negative means you need a lot of improvement. The scale below shows the industry benchmarks and where STORsquare and PODS NPS score puts them.

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Why is STORsquare’s NPS score so much higher than PODS®?

STORsquare is an Atlanta-owned and operated company with a business model that focuses on superior customer service. Here is a quick clip from one of STORsquare’s founders explaining what sets us apart and how our business model is different from the rest. You can expect the same great support each and every time you call us, which can’t be said about our PODS.

Call us today to see for yourself 1-844-888-STOR.

How Can STORsquare help my retail business?


In the average American household, November and December are known for two things: holiday cheer and lots of shopping. In the retail world, September, October, November, and December are knows for two things – A huge spike in sales and a ton of inventory. It is no secret that retail stores have the hard task of finding the balance between having enough inventory and enough storage year-round but especially in the last 4 months of the year. STORsquare’s on-site storage provides a unique solution because not only will you benefit from the much-needed additional storage space, but you will be able to keep the extra stock safe and organized with the bonus convenience of everything being right on hand.


Studies show that shoppers are likely to spend more money in a store that has seasonal decor at Christmas time. (talk about holiday cheer!) As a retail store owner, the only downfall to an over the top display to draw in customers and sales is where to keep those decorations when is isn’t Christmas time and where to keep your general disobeys while the Christmas decor is on the floor. The extra space from one of our portable storage containers gives you somewhere to neatly keep the day-to-day decor and store merchandise while you transform your store for the holidays without destroying your organized stockroom. However you choose to use a container, our container rentals can be perfect for the short term holiday rush or a year round solution.


Rather than needing to buy new holiday decor each year, your store can save money by keeping what you have to use it year after year. In theory this sounds great, but again, the problem retailers run into is space. While inflatable jack-o-lanterns, Snowmen, and Santa Clauses are appealing to the customer, they are sure to bulk up your storage. To keep your seasonal displays organized and out of the way, investing in additional storage space is essential.

If you don’t want the container onsite but also don’t want to deal with the hassle of loading a truck, taking the truck to a self-storage facility, unloading the truck, and then repeating this process any time you need your seasonal contents, STORsquare can relocate your packed container to our off-site facility. This ensures all of your holiday decorations will be safely stored and we will deliver the container when you need them.


We have seen retailers use their storage containers as a way to draw in passing by customers. They will have us place the container in a place that is out of the way but visible to they can essentially set it up as a showroom or sidewalk sale. Shoppers are easily drawn inside after passing a festive storage container showing off some of the new and exciting merchandise your store is offering this holiday season. The best part is after hours, the storage container can be securely locked to ensure no tampering, vandalizing, or theft occurs.

Our mule delivery system allows us to put our containers where others in our industry can’t. We are proud to say we are the only ones in our area to offer a delivery system as versatile and accommodating as ours. We like to say “if it fits, it sits”, meaning we can essentially deliver the container anywhere it fits. This is really convenient if you are looking for a very specific placement for the container to double as a showroom display and storage.


Offering layaway options to your customers can be a great way to draw in customers and sales during the holiday season. The problem retailers run into is where to keep all of that claimed inventory that’s waiting to be paid off? Not to mention the items purchased using layaway often tend to be large pieces of merchandise that are likely to take up a lot of space. STORsquare’s portable storage containers are a great place for this additional merchandise.

 One of our containers takes up the none of our local competitors offer it. The container can be parked right outside of your store, keeping those layaway pieces secure, organized, and easy to access.


Not only can STORsquare meet all of your business’s additional storage needs as we approach this holiday season, but our storage containers are built perfectly for providing retail solutions at all times of the year.

  • 8′, 12’, 16’ and 20’ container options
  • Flexible, secure, and convenient on-site placement
  • Options to securely store off-site
  • 8 foot tall ceilings making it easy to stack boxes and store displays
  • Interior tie downs for securing items inside of the container if need be
  • Secure door latch with your own padlock to keep everything safe
  • Barn style doors that make loading & unloading easy 
  • Solid steel construction to provide the most security for your contents.
  • Monthly rental options for hassle-free short term storage
  • Long-term storage solutions that are ideal for keeping excess merchandise or displays year-round

See what our customers have to say

"Working with Storsquare was great! They were very responsive, I loved the straightforward pricing, and the quality of the unit was way better than we had when we used PODS last year. They don’t brag about it, but their doors are 2 actual doors that open outwards, making them WAY easier to load/unload than the roll-doors that PODS use. Our units were clean, arrived on or before our scheduled window, and they were flexible when our closing date changed and we need to adjust. Would definitely recommend! "

The STORsquare Difference

Our NPS score reflects that STORsquare far surpasses all of our competition. We believe that is true because our business model is is built around customer experience. Here is a quick clip from one of STORsquare’s founders explaining what sets us apart and how our business model is different from the rest

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We Offer You More Than PODS®

More Affordable
We have guaranteed best pricing for moves within a 50-mile radius of the city of Atlanta.

More Local
STORsquare is a locally owned business, creating a more consistent customer service experience.

More Sizes
8’, 12’, 16’ and 20’ containers, we offer more sizes than PODS®.

More Secure
We have storage options at our facility for your valuable possessions that need extra protection and monitoring.

More Flexibility
We cater to all your needs, with after-hours delivery and price breaks for multiple pickups and delivery. And no long-term contracts or cancellation fees.

More Care
Our unique no-tilt lift system keeps containers flat, so materials stay free from damage and disarray. You won’t find this featured offered everywhere else.

Ready when you are

You can breathe easy knowing that our units are rented in 30-day increments, so you have all the time you need to pack. New residence not ready on time? Need to keep some belongings aside while you are painting your new place? Keep your container at home or we can transport and store your belongings at our warehouse as long as you require.


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How STORsquare works

Get it & load it

STORsquare delivers a container to your home with a flexible delivery date that you choose. Once it’s delivered, you load the container on your own time. (or have one of our preferred partners do it for you)

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Keep it

Portable storage gives you the flexibility you need. Whether you want convenient storage just steps away or you want to take your time packing and loading, STORsquare makes moving easier.

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Store it

If you’re not ready move your items to the final destination yet, that’s okay! We’ll pick up your loaded container and bring it to our local storage center where it will be safe & secure until you need it again.

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Move it

We do the driving so you don’t have to. We’ll deliver your container to your new home and you can unload it on your own time. Rentals are on monthly basis so you don’t have to worry about rushing to get it unloaded.

A solution for every stage of your move


Always be ‘show ready’ with a flexible storage solution.


Chose to store at our secure location or your home.


Conveniently organize & declutter at your own pace.


We deliver your items to your new home when you’re ready.

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