Rent a container for storage and moving around the East Cobb area. STORsquare can rent  you a container for storage that you can move anywhere in the Metro Atlanta area, or even use it as an outdoor storage unit in your driveway.

STORsquare portable storage units for residential moving and storage

Truly Local

We are a truly local home moving container company with our headquarters based in Marietta, Georgia.

Affordable Options

We rent containers for moving and storage options that are much more affordable and convenient than other moving and storage options.

ideas for storage

Need an extra place for storage for moving? STORsquare can keep your items safe in between moves, or get a head start on your move by packing the storage container rental with some of before the rest of your house.

STORsquare storage containers

For the best portable storage options, consider STORsquare for your moving and storage container needs.