Container Sizes

Our containers come in a variety of sizes for your moving and storage needs. These containers fit all of your commercial or residential belongings. Share what you can fit in your mobile storage container.

An 8 ft x 8 ft storage container is 500 cubic feet. It can hold the contents of 1 - 1.5 rooms or the contents of a studio apartment. Most people use an 8' square when they do not have room to load or store a larger container.

A 12 ft x 8 ft storage container can hold around 2-3 rooms of furniture. It is roughly the size of a 10x10 self storage unit.

The 16 ft x 8 ft storage container is our most popular container size. It can hold 3-4 rooms of furniture at 850 cubic feet internal storage. It can store roughly the same amount as a 10' x 15' self storage unit.

The largest storage container we offer is 20 ft x 8 ft. This can hold 4-5 rooms of furniture including large and bulky items. It is larger than a 10' x 15' self storage unit and is slightly smaller than a 24' box truck.