16-FOOT STORAGE CONTAINER: Most popular size

STORsquare 16 foot square storage size infographic

Our 16-foot storage container (16 ft x 8 ft) is our most popular container size. It can hold of furniture at 850 cubic feet internal storage. It can store roughly the same amount as a 10′ x 15′ self storage unit. This is the largest sized storage container that most of our competitors offer. Does this rental container fit your scenario best? Don’t forget to share it online! #STORsquare

All of STORsquare’s portable container sizes are a good option for an economical and practical storage solution.

STORsquare has four portable container size options which is more than most of our competitors. Depending on your moving and storage needs most, we’ve got the portable storage SQUARE size that will for you and your moving and storage plan.


Need less space?

Click to view 12′ SQUARE.


Need more space?

Click to view 20′ SQUARE.

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