8-FOOT STORAGE CONTAINER: Sized For Your Apartment

STORsquare 8 foot square storage size infographic

Our 8-foot storage container (8 ft x 8 ft) storage container is 500 cubic feet in size. It can hold the contents of 1 – 1.5 rooms or the contents of a studio apartment. Most people use an 8′ square when they do not have room to load or store a larger container. If this fits your situation, this may be the container size for you!

Did you know our portable storage containers come in a variety of sizes for your moving and storage needs? Our container sizes are a great solution for affordable storage options.

We also have the largest variety of portable container options compared to our competitors. Depending on your moving and storage needs most, we’ve got the portable storage SQUARE for you.

From the container choices to the hauling and storing options at our warehouse, our vision is to create a top-level experience for our customers. We want to provide the opportunity to choose your best fit, and this is reflected in every aspect of the company, including your SQUARE options.

One of these containers (or multiple) are sure to fit all of your commercial or residential belongings. Share what you can fit in your mobile storage container via Instagram or Facebook! Be sure to use the hashtag: #STORSquare.


Need more space?

Click to view 12′ SQUARE.

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