A challenging process.

Moving is not always an easy task. You frequently have to cope with financial restrictions, time restraints, shifting schedules, or all of the above. 

Try self-service moving with pack-yourself moving containers for a versatile and cost-effective alternative.

Self-Service Moving: What is it?

Understanding the distinction between full-service and self-service moving is helpful before discussing the advantages of self-service moving.

When you choose a full-service mover, you perform very little of the actual moving work. Your whole things are packed, loaded into a truck, driven to your new residence, and then unloaded and unpacked by a skilled team. 

Depending on the agreed-upon relocation schedule, this list may alter, but in general, everything is being handled by professionals.

Self-service moving is when you are in charge of the relocation. 

Although there may be some expert assistance, you are still in charge of the packing, loading, and unloading (or recruiting strong friends to help). 

You have two options for a self-service move: renting a portable container or rent a moving truck to get the job done

Can You deal with a Storage Container On Your Own?

No, you don’t. You leave that to the professionals. And don’t think of a rented truck as a mobile storage unit. 

It’s significantly more difficult to maneuver. With a rented truck, you must load it and drive it yourself – frequently in one or two days. 

A container is brought to your home (often right in your driveway! ), you load it according to your schedule, and then your container is picked up and transported to your new home. 

This is where STORsquare comes in!

When you work with STORsquare, you can choose to move, store, or do both. Whichever option, you get to choose from the largest variety of containers and storage containers in the metro Atlanta area.

And, you control how and where to store your belongings—as a temporary solution to keep at your home or business or stored locally at our secure storage warehouse.