Costumer Service

When carrying out a commercial construction project, knowing how to maintain the customers satisfaction is critical.

Whether you’re remodeling a retail store, restaurant, hospital, or service-based business, snags might occur if you don’t take efforts to ensure your clients are taken care of.

Keeping Customers Happy During a Commercial Remodel

1.Do Everything Possible to Keep Your Business Open

A key during renovation projects is to keep your business open as much as possible.

Consider scheduling your renovation job during a slower time of year. If that isn’t a possibility, attempt to locate a contractor that is willing to work nights, weekends, or outside of usual business hours.

2. Make a Communication Strategy

Hanging up a sign apologizing to customers who arrive during construction isn’t enough to assure pleased customers.

Make a strategic communication plan to keep your clients updated on the remodel process before, during, and after improvements.

Here are some ideas for giving consumers sufficient remodeling notice:

  • Announce your renovation project in advance through all of your communication channels, such as your company newsletter, website, and social media profiles.
  • Include how the remodeling project will help you better serve your clients in the future in your messaging.
  • Post multiple placards outside your shop explaining that you are undergoing repairs but are still available for business.

3. Maintain a Clean Site

To maintain a smooth flow of traffic, not just for automobiles in and out of your parking lot, but also for foot circulation through your building, it is critical to make your business as orderly as possible.

Containers from storage companies like STORsquare are a simple solution to protect furniture, equipment, paperwork, and inventory from debris and harm during renovations. Contractors can also use such cabinets to store their own tools and materials.

4. Customers should be offered a discount.

As a thank you for tolerating the slight inconvenience caused by your facility’s refurbishment project, provide your clients with an unique discount or free present. Alternatively, you may have them ready to go for any occasion.