There are many reasons why someone might need storage. Downsizing, moving or remodeling to name a few. For many years, traditional storage was the only option. Nowadays, portable storage in Fountain City is a reality. If you are trying to decide between the two options, keep reading and we’ll tell you all about it.

Pros and cons of traditional storage

You are probably familiar with it as it’s been around for a long time. Basically you rent a unit inside a secure building and keep your belongings in there.

An advantage of using them is that these buildings tend to be very secure. Cameras, key codes and on-site staff are usual security features. Another one is that there are many vendors so finding the right size for what you need is not too difficult.

If you’re going to be storing items that need to be under a controlled climate, traditional storage is a good option as most facilities offer this feature.

The biggest disadvantage is that it requieres for you to drive to and from the facility. You have to pack your own truck and unload it at the building. When you’re ready to get your things back you have to go to the process again. Find a big enough vehicle, load your things into it, drive it to your desired location and unload again. If you’re going to be needing items you have stored, you’ll have to make the trip to the facility every time. Travelling expenses like renting trucks and gas are not included in your lease. This means everything is extra and you have to pay for it.

Pros and cons of portable storage in Fountain City

Mobile storage containers are a more recent solution for moves, remodeling, downsizing and other projects that require storage.

They have many advantages when compared to traditional solutions. Firstly, you can forget about driving and the extra expense of renting a vehicle. The unit will be delivered to your doorstep and taken to your preferred destination.

As it is seating outside your door, you can pack right there at your own pace. It can stay there for as long as you need it. If you’re remodeling or showing your home for sale you might when to keep it close. Driving it to a storage facility is also an option if that’s not the case, but you don’t have to do it yourself as this is included with your lease. If you need a container for moving, whenever you’re ready the unit will be taken to the new location. Again, you don’t have to worry about driving.

They don’t come with extra expenses as traditional storage so your move ends up being cheaper. They offer a lot of flexibility as you can have them for your desired lenght of time and you have many options as to where to keep them. If you decide to have it at your property, you can access your items everytime you need them as many times as you need to without having to travel to a storage facility.

Portable Storage in Fountain City

Ready to make a choice?

Of course there are some things to take into consideration before forgoing traditional storage. Make sure the company you work with has solutions for any issues that may come your way.

For example, some municipal codes and HOA rules might prohibit having storage containers sitting in your driveway. Make sure to always check first. If you can’t keep it at your home, the unit can always stay at a storage facility. STORsquare allows you to visit your unit to collect items anytime you need. Just visit during business hours and give us 24hrs notice to have your container ready for you.

Climate control is usually not a feature on mobile units so make sure you rent from a local company. STORsquare is a great option in Fountain City as we understand the weather and make our units to work well with our local climate.

If you still need more information before deciding between traditional storage and portable storage in Fountain City, send us a message and we’ll gladly work with you to help you make your next move or project a smooth reality.