Downsizing is a big decision influenced by many different factors. Still, a lot of people choose to take the step after retirement. Check out these tips inclduing storage container solutions in Knoxville that will make everything easier for you.

Define how much space you’ll actually need in your new home

Over and under downsizing are very real possibilities. You need to take a look at your current lifestyle and your desired one. Comparing both will tell you what it is that you’ll really need.

Are you expecting to have family and friends visit? Then keep in mind you’ll need an extra room. You’ll probably spend the bigger part of your year traveling? Maybe a 3-bedroom will be too much.

Storage Container Solutions

Set a realistic sell value for your current home

Deciding how much the home you raised your family in is worth is not an easy task. We recommend you work with a realtor that will remain objective. He will compare your home to others in the area to come up with the most realistic price and help you sell at the best price in a timely manner.

Take your time going through your things

The most difficult part of downsizing is sorting through all your belongings to decide what will go with you. Through the years we tend to acquire many different items that might have more of an emotional connection than an actual purpose. It can be a draining process so take your time.

Donate or sell items you won’t keep

Now that you’ve decided what goes with you it’s time to decide what to do with everything else.

If your items are in good condition there are plenty of charities that will take them. If you want to take the opportunity to make some extra cash you can organize a garage sale or find buyers in one of the many online marketplaces.

What are the best Storage Container Solutions in Knoxville for you?

It really depends on the size of your move. At STORsquare we have a number of options for you depending on how many items you decide to take with you.

Whether you need to move and store a large home or a two-room apartment, our customer service agents will walk you through selecting the perfectly sized portable residential storage containers. They’ll also help you determine the date and time you need them dropped off, picked up and delivered to your new home.

Downsizing for seniors

The process can bring out many different emotions like sadness, grief, anxiety and stress.

If you are having a hard time, make sure to reach out to friends and family to help you through it. If that’s not a possibility, your primary care doctor or a therapist can also be there for you.

Downsizing a home takes time and hard work. Make sure to have a solid plan and to surround yourself with professionals that can help make everything easier for you.

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